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ME Group Travel and Tours Wing looks after the group’s travel business that is convincingly operating in Europe and Asia at the moment. ME Group believes in offering holistic tourism offerings to the global travelers and wanderers. Therefore, the group has designed special travel and tours packages for recreational tourism, adventure tourism, sports tourism, eco-tourism, religious tourism, business tourism and so on. The group aims to promote responsible and ethical tourism practices around the world as it has become a global concern.

ME group has considered the new and emerging tourism destinations apart from world’s popular destinations for attracting visitors from around the world. The group’s strong networking and collaboration with regional tourism businesses has laid the solid foundation for successful operation of international tourism. From Everest Base Camp to the Great Wall of China, from Indian mesmerizing cities to the Himalayas of Bhutan and Nepal, from the French Alps to the exhilarating European cities of London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Venice, Milan, and from never sleeping New York City to Washington, California, Quebec and Toronto ME Group takes you to the best places in the planet creating lifetime moments that you will be cherishing throughout your lives.

The packages include Trekking, Rafting, Bungy, Zip Flyer, jungle safari, paragliding, bird-watching and much more in the countries like India, Bhutan and Nepal. ME Group further inspires the tourists from Nepal, India, Bhutan and China to explore exotic European destinations including G8 countries in well organized tour packages.

We guarantee friendly, safe and pleasurable experiences to the travelers and at the same time empower the communities to maintain the natural beauty and cultural heritages. We offer tour packages for various countries with convenient visa arrangement services.


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