Bali Tour Package From Nepal

Bali is one of the most beautiful and popular Island. It is very beautiful and known for the forest, volcanic mountain, rice paddies, breath taking beaches and the cliff of Uluwatu temple. This island is also known as yoga and meditation retreats.

Bali is one of the most beautiful and popular Island. It is very beautiful and known for the forest, volcanic mountain, rice paddies, breath taking beaches and the cliff of Uluwatu temple. This island is also known as yoga and meditation retreats.  Bali is one of the most visited place by tourist. All these years Bali has became the destination place for the people who want refreshment and hang around and chill with their friends and family. Before it was very hard for the people of  Nepal to travel foreign country but nowadays there are lots of travel agencies which will take you to Bali in a very cheapest rate. They have Bali tour package from Nepal where they will have all the plans including itenary  for where to visit. Travel company has made many thing very easy and safe when we travel.

Know What To Do And What Not To Do Before Bali Tour Package From Nepal

Every country has its own rules and regulations which we have to follow seriously likewise Bali has also its own rules and regulation which everyone should follow before your Bali Tour. Many travel companies will not guide you properly about what to do and what not to do before your Bali tour. Bali tour package from Nepal is a very afford able and cheap in rate too.

Here are some Dos and Don’ts  given below before you travel to Bali.

  • Be aware When You Are On Roads

Even though Bali is called the paradise but the tourist visiting there should be very careful when they are on streets because the streets are very much packed and vehicles are very much furious too. Therefore, be careful otherwise you will leave with injuries and scares while your Bali tour  and instead of the good memories you will bring bad memories home.

  • Respect The Culture

As we know Bali is famous for different type of culture and they respect their culture very much. Being a tourist you also should respect and give honor to the culture and its people. Therefore, You should wear proper dress before entering temples. If you are wearing shirts then it should cover the shoulder and parts of upper arms, The waist and leg should be covered by a temple scarf which is known as Selendang and a Sarong which is known locally as kain kamben.

  • Know the General Safety

You should know the general safety rules when you are at Bali. Watch before you walk to the streets of Bali because roads are chaotic, be careful of snatch-theft while you stay in Bali. Hotel breaking and entering is known as common there, and the beaches undercurrent can take you away in an instant.

  • Smoking In Public Is  Prohibited

Smoking in the public is taken as crime there in Bali so before you take your Bali tour package from Nepal confirm this rules. At 2011 smoking was totally banned in public area including restaurants, hotels, temples and tourist area.

  • Be careful While You Exchange money

You should be very careful with dishonest man while you exchange money but there are many trust worthy places where you can cash without any worry. Change the cash at one of the most reputed bank, use atm so that you can directly cash when you need. Only trust the money exchangers that has been recognized by Bank of Indonesia.

  • Choose safe vehicles

There are lots of means of travel in Bali like Bicycles, scooters, automobiles and vans and also  public transportation but everyone is not trust worthy they may cheat you so you can catch  blue taxi marked “Bali taxi”.  This taxis are known as blue birds taxis. They are the most honest taxi  in Bali so catch the Bluebird taxi in Bali if you can.

  • Beach safety

Bali is famous for the beaches despite of many traffics it is still not safe for the beachgoers if you do not follow the rules. Beachgoers always has to look after the red flags and do not attempt to swim there because the local authorities has raised these flags on the beach as a danger sign.

  • Health Tips

Drink lots of water so that you won’t be dehydrated because you Bali is the most Sunny place where sun hits like hell. Therefore, you may be in the risk of dehydration, heatstroke. Don’t forgot to put on sun screen to be safe of sunburn and most important don’t drink tap water because it may cause “Bali Belly” therefore, only drink only canned drinks or bottled water.

  • No Drugs

Bali is most serious and has most strict rules for the drugs. People who is caught in the case of drugs then they are given life long prison or the death penalty. If they found guilty in trafficking the drugs like Heroine, marijuana and cocaine then the punishment will be very harsh you may lose your life there.


At Last

Bali tour from Nepal is very much fun if you will follow the rules and regulation of  the place very well. Bali is heaven of earth because it contain everything which heaven does. The mesmerizing scene, beaches, sea foods, temples, beautiful historical monuments etc. are the main attraction of Bali tour. Therefore, enjoy your tour with your family and friends and yes be safe.


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