A Wonderful Experience Malaysia Tour From Nepal

Malaysia Tour package from Nepal is the best option for the Nepalese people who wants to travel malaysia and spend some good quality of time there.

Malaysia is truly Asia because you can find diversity in the same country, you can explore thriving, modern cities, explore colonial architecture, relax on some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. You can also hike through green jungles. Malaysia is such a wonderful country where everyone should visit once in your life. Here are some of the reason why one should have Malaysia tour.


Reason for Malaysia Tour

  • Modern Architecture

One of the reason for Malaysia Tour is to visit the city Kuala Lumpur.  This city is most beautiful city where you can admire modern architecture where contemporary skyscrapers that create one of Asia’s most iconic skylines. There are Petronas Twin Towers in the district known as the Golden Triangle it was once the tallest building in the world and now it is connected by the sky bridge.

  •  Chinatowns

Malaysia is influenced by many cultures from around the world and one of the culture you can see is of China which means while your Malaysia tour you can see Chinese cuisine and a vibrant heritage. You can experience this by seeing one of the Chinatowns in Malaysia where you can see a 200 old Kuan Yin teng temple indulge in the local street fare.

  • Tea Industry

Tea industry has been part of Malaysia from the very beginning of development. In your Malaysia tour you will feel a favorable climate suitable for tea plantation, and in the Cameron Highlands, you can see the nation’s largest tea company where you can hike through.

  •  Hiking

Yes you read it right hiking is not expected by many of you but yes in your  Malaysia tour you can hike to many different places there are many hiking spots but none, compare to mount Kinabalu. Mount Kinabalu is one of the beauttifu; mountain which pass through six distinct vegetation zones at varying elevations. You can spend two days and a night for hiking.


  • Diving

Diving is the best part of Malaysia tour. Malaysian Borneo Sipidan is known for the one of the world’s best dive sites. The water is very protected and you will get the chance to see turtle, barracudas, sharks and parrot fish. Overall diving in the sea of Malaysia will be your great experience.


  • Diverse Culture

Different people from different places live here in Malaysia harmoniously and spread it’s cultural and vibrant. There are only half of the population Malays and rest are Chinese make one quarter and there is strong Indian Community. They all live peaceful there are make harmonious relation which shows the diversity of culture.

  •  Wildlife

Most of the place of Malaysia is still undeveloped, where many wildlife roam freely freely. Taman Negara National park is one of the wildlife reserve. You can see wild boar, deer, money, Elephants, Tigers, Rhinos and Orangutans  and many more insects and  birds.

  • Beaches & Islands

Malaysia is rich in beaches and island so in your Malaysia tour there will be no surprise that you will see many beaches on the mainland, Malaysia is one of the best spot for the beach lover.


There are many travel company which will help you to explore Malaysia. Malaysia Tour package from Nepal is one package which many travel company will provide  you there will be a fix plan when to go, were to visit and what to do . Your travel plan is set through a fix itenary. So travel Malaysia and explore the beautiness of Malaysia.


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